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Monopoly Online!

Play Monopoly online right now. It won't cost you a penny! Each game lets two to six players compete with the options you love best! What are you waiting for?

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Download Monopoly

Download Monopoly

Download Monopoly for Windows, Linux, Apple or even game consoles. Most are free and many are even open source for you programmers out there.

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Play Monopoly Online

Play Monopoly Online

Enjoy a free game of Monopoly online. Two players can compete, as long as you're both at the same PC. No download or registration required on this one.

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Monopoly Calculator

Monopoly Calculator

Land on Income Tax or draw the Repairs Card? Not a problem with our free Monopoly calculator. Tell it how much cash, properties and stuff you own and voila!

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Official Monopoly Rules

Official Monopoly Rules

Lose your rules page? Can't remember how much Monopoly money you need to start the game? We've got a copy of the official Monopoly rules online. You can even download a PDF version to print out.

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Monopoly online houses, hotels and dice

If you're looking to play Monopoly online, download Monopoly for free or learn about online Monopoly leagues, you've come to the right place! Play friends, family or new opponents on the site.

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Whether you're playing Monopoly Online or the old school way, we've got quite a bit to offer. Here are just some of the many features you'll find here, all for free!

  • Monopoly Online—This is our popular multiplayer Monopoly Game. Play over the internet against friends and family or meet new players on the site. Each game supports 2-6 players with the popular game options.
  • Java Monopoly Game—This game won't let you play over the web, but if you and a friend want to sit at the same PC and play, we've gotcha covered.
  • Monopoly Downloads—Our nearly complete listing of free (or nearly free) versions of Monopoly available for download.
  • Bottom Line, Where Can I Play Monopoly Online?—We've maintained this list of sites offering the classic Monopoly game online. Check out our list. If we missed something, let us know!
  • Monopoly Calculator—Don't take forever trying to figure out how much you're currently worth. Tell our online Monopoly calculator what you own and it'll instantly tell you what you're worth.
  • Official Monopoly Rules—Lost the rules and need some clarification, we've got them for you online or for download (pdf).
  • Monopoly Predictor—Find out which squares you're most likely to land on next. Just tell our calculator what property you're on now and we'll tell you where you'll land next. Webutation