Monopoly Online

How to Play with gtkAtlantik and monopd

gtkAtlantik screenshot

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the free monopd servers to play Monopoly on line for free.

There are several live monopd servers, hosting Monopoly games out on the web today. These servers are free to use, and the software itself is free. If you're so inclined, you can download the monopd server software (found in our Download section) and host games yourself. Most of us, however, are just looking for somewhere to play. These instructions will get you started playing on the existing monopd servers.

First, you'll need to install monopd client software on your computer. There are several versions out there today, mostly for Linux. gtkAtlantic, however, does have a working Windows, Linux and Unix version. You can get a free copy of gtkAtlantik.

Install these as you would any other piece of shareware. When it's installed follow these instructions to start playing. Let me point out, however, that as of this writing, there were very few players on these servers, so if I were you, I'd IM some of your Monopoly playing buddies, and get them set up as opponents, so you have someone to play against.

Here's how to get playing:

  • Launch gtkAtlantic
  • Click the ENTER button
  • Open the SETTINGS menu, and click PREFERENCES
  • Set your NICKNAME (if you want faster play, decrease the TOKEN SPEED setting)
  • Click OK

The first player will have to set up the game as follows:

  • Click the REFRESH GAMES button
  • Select one of the servers listed
  • Click the CREATE/JOIN GAME button
  • Set the options you prefer.
  • and wait for your opponents to join you.

Once the game is set up, opponents can join by:

  • Click the REFRESH GAMES button
  • Find the first player's game listed, and click on their game
  • Click the CREATE/JOIN GAME button.

When everyone is in the game, the first player will have to click the START GAME button, and the game will begin.

To play, each player clicks the ROLL button just under the game board on their turn. The rest is a bit self-explanatory. A few things to note:

  • Build a House - Right mouse click on the property (you will see house or hotel increased on property)
  • Remove a House - Left mouse click on the property (house or hotel will decrease by one)
  • Mortgage a Property - CTRL + Right Click (colored star on property will dim a bit)
  • Unmortgage a Property - CTRL + Right Click (colord star on property will brighten)

Trading is a little confusing. Here's how to do it. Let's assume you (Michael) would like to offer your opponent (Stacey) B&O Railroad in exchange for Illinois Ave.

  • Right Mouse Click on the name of the opponent you wish to trade with (Stacey) and select INITIATE TRADE.
Initiate a Trade :: gtkAtlantik
  • The trade window will appear.
Trade Window Appears: gtkAtlantik
  • There is a menu showing MONEY, but since you wish to swap properties, pull that down and select ESTATE.
Select Estates :: gtkAtlantik
  • Select B&O Railroad, since you wish to offer that property to Stacey.
Select B&O Railroad :: gtkAtlantik
  • Make sure that Stacey is selected as the Target. The Target is the player who will receive the property.
Select The Target Player :: gtkAtlantik
  • Click UPDATE, and that part of the trade, Michael gives Stacey B&O Railroad, will appear in the trade window below.
  • Select Illinois Ave, since you wish Stacey to give that property to you.
Select Illinois Ave :: gtkAtlantik
  • Select yourself (Michael) as the Target of the trade, since you will be receiving it.
Select Yourself as Target :: gtkAtlantik
  • Again, click UPDATE, and this second part of the trade, Stacey gives Michael Illinois Avenue, will appear down below.
Click Update :: gtkAtlantik
  • Click ACCEPT, to signify that the trade is complete. Your name on the left will appear in green. Your opponent's name (Stacey) still appears red since she hasn't accepted yet.
Waiting for Opponent to Accept :: gtkAtlantik
Add $200 in Cash :: gtkAtlantik
  • Let's assume Stacey will give you Illinois, but would prefer $200 in cash rather than the B&O Railroad you offered. She can alter the trade before accepting. In this case, she highlight's B&O Railroad and clicks REMOVE.
Changed Offer Means You'll Have to Accept Again :: gtkAtlantik
  • Note since Stacey changed the trade a bit, your name turns red.... you will have to change, accept or reject this altered trade.
    Since MONEY is still selected, she enters 200, and specifies that it will come from Michael and go to Stacey. She then clicks UPDATE to add it to the trade, Michael gives Stacey 200 money.
Counter Offer Complete :: gtkAtlantik
  • Stacey then clicks ACCEPT, since her counter offer is now complete.
You Click Accept :: gtkAtlantik
  • In this case, you think it's a better deal to give her a couple hundred rather than the Railroad, so you click ACCEPT, your name briefly turns green and the trade goes through.

If you want to run your own Monopoly server, you can download the Linux or Win32 (Windows) version in our Download section, and get it up and running.