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Multiplayer Monopoly Online Game FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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We frequently receive e-mail questions about our online multiplayer Monopoly game. Rather than give the same old answers, we decided to answer as many as we can right here. Here's the scoop:

  • Is it really free? — YES! It takes time and money to run a web site, and we're no exception. We fund the site through advertising, so if you like what we have to offer visit some of our sponsors and see what they have to offer.
  • How do you trade? — On the upper left, you'll see a list of opponents with their icons. Double click one of your opponent's icons to open the trade window. Please be aware than when you do this, a window will open for each of your opponents, and they can see as you build the trade. You may wish to discuss a trade in chat before creating the offer.
  • How do you Mortgage/Unmortgage? — On the gameboard, find the property you wish to Mortgage and right-click. A window will appear, and you can select Mortgage (or unmortgage).
  • How do you build houses? — The same way you mortgage. Find the property on the game board and right-click. As long as you own all the properties in the group, and none of them are mortgaged, you can build. You have the option of building one house on the property, or one on each in the group (making it easier to build evenly). Removing houses/hotels works the same way.
  • I accidentally closed one of the screens on the left. How do i get this back? — Right-click on the title bar of one of the other tabs. This will show a list of all the tabs, ones with checkmarks are enabled. Select the one you want to display.

Have more questions? Visit our contact us page and let us know. We'll let you know and post your question here. Join us anytime for a great game of monopoly online! Webutation