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Where Will They Land Calculator?

Monopoly is a game of chance, it's true. Still, by taking into consideration all the cards, possible rolls of the dice, probability of doubles, and the go-to-jail square we can get pretty close to predicting where they'll land before your opponent even rolls the dice.

Why Should You Care?

Maybe you can only afford a single house, and your opponent is poised to land on your monopoly, which would be the smartest property to build on? Perhaps everything you own is mortgaged, and you have a few bucks to unmortgage something, which is the best property to unmortgage?

Sure, most of us know that you can't roll a 1, and 7 is the most frequently rolled number, followed by 6 & 8. Then again, Monopoly is far more complex. What if they roll doubles, then doubles again? Suppose they land on Chance or Community Chest, they could just as easily be sent to a Railroad, Utility, Illinois, Virginia or Boardwalk. It's an interesting, and somewhat complicated calculation to best estimated where your opponent will land. Of course, nothing is fool-proof, and despite your best knowledge, they could land just about anywhere. You could be hit by lightning or win the lottery too. We've taken some of Truman Collins's hard work, and developed this script, to answer this pressing question.

Where Will They Land Calculator?

To use it, simply select the square your opponent now rests on, and we'll look it up. Below, you'll find out which squares they might land on in their next roll, and the probability of them landing there. Once you're done here, join us for a great game of Monopoly online!

Expect opponent will stay in Jail as long as possible.
Expect opponent will get out of Jail quickly.


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