Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online

Get started playing our awesome multiplayer online Monopoly game today!  It's absolutely free and simple to play. This is the same classic game that you grew up playing (y'know with Boardwalk and Park Place). Our Monopoly online game allows up to six players, each with their own internet connected PC (Windows or Linux).  Play over the internet with friends and family, or meet new opponents on the site.

Start playing Monopoly online right now for free.  Follow these simple steps and start playing today:

  • Step 2—Configure the Game

    Configure the Monopoly game by selecting CONFIGURE on the SETTINGS menu. In there, enter the screen name you wish to use and, on the left, select an icon to represent you in the games. Click OK when you're done.

  • Step 3—Start Playing

    Once you open the game, enter in the server box at the bottom. Leave the port at 1234 and click Connect. Find an open game and click Join, OR create your own game with the options you most enjoy and wait until others join. Only the game creator can start the game.

For more information about using our free online multiplayer Monopoly game, see the Monopoly Game FAQ. Thanks again for playing Monopoly online with us! Webutation